What's Up with Swing Base ?

New Beginner Lindy Hop

Kreuzberg: Mo (19.45 – 21.00) Start 18/03, We (18.30 – 19.45) Start 20/03

Mitte: Tu (18.15 – 19.30) Start 09/04, Th (18.30 – 19.45) Start 11/04

Beginner: 10 weeks for 90€ instead of 110€!

New Beginner Special

Balboa Beginner – Th (18.30 – 19.45) Start 07/03 – Kreuzberg

Shag Beginner – Tu (19.30 – 20.45) Start 05/03 – Kreuzberg

8 weeks for 80€!

Already Swing Base student? Only 70€ then!


New Classes

Shag Intermediate – Tu (20.45 – 22.00) Start 05/03

Join as long as you want! The class will be a normal class (like Lindy or Balboa Intermediate!) – Regular fees: Drop-In or 4-weeks-card


Solo Jazz “Performance troup” by Ana

This troupe will be dedicated to create something together, working through steps, rhythms, shapes and understanding of music. We will learn and work on intricate and fun solo jazz choreographies designed by Ana, with the goal of becoming better dancers and performing together around events and festivals both in and outside Berlin.
How will the system work?
Ana will be with you during the sessions making sure you are confident with the choreography: teaching, advicing, and creating together with your feedback. You will get video and written material to be able to keep working on it on your own, and you will get the chance to have the studio open for the whole group to practice it together in an exclusive practice times.
This is a troup for dancers who want to be commited, feel like they want to perform together and work through becoming better solo dancers with the support of their team.
Level is open, but it’s recommended you are familiar with solo jazz moves and have gone through at least one class or workshop of solo jazz before!

Date: from Wednesday 13/03 (21.00 – 22.15) – open end!
Fees: regular fees

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Lindy Hop “Performance troup” by Ana & Samuel

Let’s say you get to spend time with a bunch of people you’ve got something in common with. And you get to build something cool together, have fun. Makes no sense to keep this idea alive only in our heads.
In this course you will work together in a performance choreography designed by Ana and Samuel. It’s your moment to do cool moves and shine surrounded by people who is as into dance as you are! They will be performed in events around Berlin, but of course you will have the option of choosing not to stand before a public if you choose not to.
In these choreographies you’ll work styling and rhythmical intricacies in your partner dancing, as well as some solo jazz. Through the proces we’ll try to better understand music, improve our posture and style and have loads of fun.

Date: From Thursday 14/03 to 27/06 (21.00 – 22.15)

Fees: regular fees (45€ 4-weeks-card, regular 25% discount for Swing Base students)

Level required: intermediate

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Performance Group by Ana