General rules of the event

• When you check in to the event, you will get a wristband. Please wear it throughout the whole event. We cannot grant you access to parties and/or classes if you don’t have the wristband on.
• By participating at our event, you give us consent that we can use and publish photos and videos from the event, which might include you.
• If you want to record a video or take pictures during classes, ask for teachers’ permission first.
• We do not take responsibility for your valuables at the event. Please make sure to keep an eye on your things. In case you lose something, we will have a Lost&Found box, where we will store all found items for two weeks after the event.
• We reserve the right to change the class schedule or evening schedule due to unforeseen events such as flight delay, sickness, accidents etc., which might cause that some of our teachers, bands and DJs will come to the event later than planned or will not be able to come at all (in which case we will do our best to find good substitutes for them).

Corona rules for the event

The event is going to be only for people with a complete vaccination (2G+: Geimpfte, Genesene and actual negative test).
If you have any symptoms of illness or feel unwell, please stay home.

Payment options

You can pay by bank transfer.

Confirmation of ticket purchase

Once you have made a registration to the event, you will get a booking confirmation. However, this booking confirmation does not mean that your registration is accepted. Your registration is only accepted once you have paid, at which point you have secured your spot.
When you check in, we will have your name on the list, but to be on the safe side, you can bring your payment confirmation as your proof of purchase (either printed or in electronic version).

Cancellation policy

We do not offer refunds for purchased passes. However, your pass is fully transferable, so you can give or sell it to another person (read more below). There are also no refunds of passes that have not been used after the event, and they cannot be transferred to future events.

Corona cancellation policy

In case the event gets cancelled because of Corona restrictions (for example: Lockdown), the organizer will undertake to reimburse the participants as much as possible. Only the unavoidable costs such as the incurred expenses of flight tickets and room reservations will be deducted from the reimbursement. No profit will be made by the organizer in case of cancellation of the event.


Ticket Transfer rules

If you cannot attend the event yourself, you can transfer your pass to someone else, under these conditions:
• The person taking your place must be of the same role (leader or follower) as you are
• If you are selling a Full Pass (including classes), the person taking your place must also be of the same dancing level as you are
• You can transfer your pass no later than Friday the 3rd of June 2022
Note: If you have a Full Pass or a Party Pass, you can only transfer the whole pass. You cannot give away parts of it to someone else. Once you have checked in to the event, your pass is not transferable anymore.