Information and registration: www.swingbase.de/oldhands

The Swing Base team will be with very familiar faces: Clément, Valentina & Stephanie. Chris will be also there for substitution! We’ll try to invite Felipe to teach, when he’s available 🙂

We have so amazing memories from our previous events. Those were only possible because of amazing cooperations and we want to continue to have a good time with them. We’re gonna do everything possible to create other events with Säälchen, Else Swing, Institut Francais, DFJW, … Stay tunes!

Our donation project came to the end! We reached almost 50% of our goal and collected about 5.000 € of 11.000€ (sadly donation get taxed with TVA)! Your support is a big help, and this give us the force to continue our Swing Project in Berlin!

  • With your donations, we’re able to cover 75% of the regular costs of all Swing Base teachers from March to Mai! To thank you back, we created plenty of online dance classes to practice at home!
  • We received also the financial support of the Corona-Soforthilfe II. The conditions aren’t really clear but we can probably use the subventions for the rent of the dance studio (which we still must pay until Mai). This is great complementary support to the donation project.
  • We believe that Swing Classes won’t happen in Berlin for few months because of Covid-19. This is gonna be a hard time, not only for us but for all the dance school in Berlin. However, we’re looking for a new place and we already have some hints. You maybe know a good place for us. Then write us here: info@swingbase.de
  • You missed the donation campaign, but you would like to support us? You can still donate on PayPal (info@swingbase.de) or purchase some of our online dance classes: swingbase.de/onlineclass

If you donated, you can have access to online dance classes. Here for all requests: www.swingbase.de/donate

Now it is gonna be time to look in the future. For this, check here our vision for a swing life after Covid-19!